Company Origin Masterhold Int’l Co Ltd was established in November 2005. Under the leadership of shareholders and talented colleagues, the company started to put into research and development, production and marketing work to develop mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries, multi-display cards and multi-detection alarm device. The developed products have not only earned the affirmation from domestic manufacturers but also obtained various patents. Enterprise Concept Our company adopts a sincere pragmatic attitude, development and design, research development of green energy industries, and participates actively by investing into the research development and proxy of the lithium iron phosphate battery. The developed product has breakthrough in terms of characteristic, eco-friendliness, safety, energy conservation and carbon reduction and has a lifespan more than five years, all which is lacking in conventional lead-acid battery. We will continue in our goal towards the development of green energy technology and also the contribution for global environmental protection. Enterprise Feature Our company has completed the development of various standard products such as lithium-ferrum battery for vehicle ignition and presently reached the stage for production and sales. In addition, the special design of the product’s protection panel has obtained patents in Taiwan, China, Japan and Germany and to apply gradually the patent applications in United States, Canada, Europe etc. We are continuously developing lithium-ferrum batteries for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and large capacity of car batteries, pioneer a battery revolutionary epocy.