Lithium Ferrum Battery for Vehicle Ignition - Japan Code






Peak Current





about 6kgs

 Conserve Energy Reduces Carbon: voltage is stable; enables the sparks from the spark plug to achieve maximum efficiency, increasing energy, reducing the petrol consumption and exhaust emission Co, NOx from the vehicle and saving up to 5%-25% petrol depending on the condition of the vehicle.

 Equipped with Emergency Rescue Button Design: after pushing the rescue button, the standby power supply will be available to start the vehicle; not requiring assistance, power connectors from external parties, no more worries on how to rescue your vehicle even if the headlights were left on while staying out in the wilderness or in the event of power leakage.

 Long Lifespan: able to charge and discharge over 3000 times; usage lifespan of more than 10 years, reducing the number of battery replacements; increasing human and vehicle safety parameters.

 Ultra-capacity Capability: no further need to install an amplifier (ultra-capacitor) for your high-quality sound system; first-rate sound effects for your listening pleasure.

 Voltage Stable: suitable for the use of PDA, NB, 3C products and also increases the efficiency of the vehicle’s air-conditioning system as well as prolonging the lifespan of the bulbs.

 No lead-acid battery degradation symptoms: after 3 years of usage, the voltage remains unchanged, just like brand new. No performance degradation, unlike conventional car battery.  Low Auto-discharge rate: even when kept for a year, at least 80% capacity is being retained.

 Quick charging, Quick Discharging, Light Weight: the weight is only 1/3 that of the conventional lead-acid battery, lessening the burden of the vehicle; requires just approximately 30mins to achieve maximum saturation.  Eco-friendly Materials, Non-recycle: does not contaminate the environment, complying with RoHs environmental standards.

 Safe and Non-explosive: the lithium-ferrum battery core has been subjected to various strict penetration, impact tests; non-flammable, non-explosive, proof that it is the safest battery; no more worries of vehicle on fire.

 Solid-state Battery Core (no acid fluid): Lithium-ferrum battery does not require water top-up, does not contain battery acid fluid; may be placed in an directional position; no worries of dangers arising from battery fluid leaking due to battery tipping over.

 Various applications: after the purchase of the charger, it may be used for electronic or electrical appliances requiring voltage stability or high power output or input. For example, solar-energy storage battery, wind-energy power storage battery, storage battery used in night markets, camping, night fishing etc.